Artist Statement

I work from my imagination, and often in a studio without visual references. My inspiration comes from specific places, but the work does not represent any one place or view; rather, it is a sense of the places I have seen and know well, fictitiously portrayed.


I enjoy setting up processes for artmaking that create un-factored results – such as using aerosol spray paint with masking elements or pooling ink that runs unexpectedly across the substrate. I embrace the accidental occurrences inherent in my artmaking process. Over my career, I have drifted across a continuum between representation and abstraction. Recently, my investigations have been moving toward the abstraction end of the spectrum of my imagery –overriding readily identifiable subject images while still achieving the credibility of structured illusionist place with a full presence of atmospheric light and space.

My work falls into a few categories:

Abstracted Landscapes – artwork created through the exploration of abstracted formal elements within a framework of landscape painting.

(Oil on Wood Panel, 11″ x 14″)

Overscapes – artwork depicting overhead or ¾ views of the land or city. These may be developed within boxes to cause the viewer to peer inside from above or the front. Some pieces may look to a marriage of “Overscape” and “Squarescape” imagery. New materials such as foam board, wood, sawdust, newsprint, wax, and paper mache are being explored. This line of investigation is inspired by Sergi Aguilar’s wall of diagrammatic, overhead drawings and his box-like sculptures in his Reverse/Obverse show recently exhibited at MACBA in addition to the material usage by Juan Muñoz.


Overscape 12-13-2015 (Oil, Aerosol Spray Paint, Wood, Foam Board, 12″x12″x5″)

Squarescapes and Series Work – I have explored the interplay of different art pieces in series throughout my career. “Squarescapes” have been a central focus of my work for several years. The square format creates a balanced tension between the expansiveness of sky and a tendency to see a landscapes’ inherent panoramic nature. The paintings explore color, color fields, and the interplay of shapes and textures.


Fields of Tangerine You (Oil and Aerosol Spray Paint on Board, 36″x36″)